The Design Workshop for Data People

Give your design skills a boost, learn new tools, and receive ongoing support.


"I’ve picked up a ton of tricks and tips to use for different projects, and new approaches to thinking about things."

-Ann Gillard

"I’ve already used my diydatadesign “homework” in 3 highly visual reports, and will can’t wait to learn more!"

-Lauren Wilson

"The 2 minute video How To was so straightforward and inspired me to do my own infographic."

-Aimee Russillo

"Love the ease of the course and the concise information!! REFRESHING."

-Deeanna Burleson

"Chris’ approach is accessible and user-friendly enough for the novice creative while also proving to be inspiring and relevant to more experienced team members."

-Kate Livingston

"Sometimes it can seem too overwhelming to try to “mix things up” by adding new data designs or techniques, but the workshop gives you the tools you need to make it happen."

-Karen Peterman

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