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Boost your reporting skills alongside a community of your peers.

Let's create together!

Join us as we create modern infographics, one-pagers, executive summaries, pdf reports, videos, dashboards, graphs, maps, and all sorts of other contemporary visual reports. All with the help of easy-to-use and inexpensive (sometimes free) software like Canva, Adobe XD, Tableau Public, and more.

Membership Includes:

  1. Weekly group coaching calls on Zoom.
  2. An always open community Zoom chat group.
  3. All recorded lessons and sessions.
  4. A growing collection of data design recipes (releasing soon).

Membership is currently closed to new members. Public registration opens 4 times a year (early March, June, September, and December). If you're interested in joining us, you can sign up for the waitlist by following this link.

Your Instructor

Chris Lysy
Chris Lysy

Chris Lysy is a professional information designer.

Chris consults with NGOs, government agencies, universities, public health institutes, and large non-profits designing infographics, dashboards, websites, digital media campaigns, communities of practice, and cartoons.

"The best thing about this group is meeting other people with a similar interest in using data for quality improvement but with expertise and insight from different fields!"

- Joanna Prout, PhD,

Psychologist and Evaluator

Course Curriculum

Included with Purchase

1. 2. 3. Report!
Learn a simple audience-centered reporting strategy.
Chris Lysy
DataViz for Anti-Racism
This is a course about making the numbers real.
Chris Lysy
Canva Template Collection
Chris Lysy

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the community start and finish?
This group coaching program launched in September 2021 and is open for enrollment at any point. We meet weekly (except for the occasional holiday and vacation).
How long do I have access to the course?
For as long as you are a subscriber? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you keep your subscription current - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I give a 30 day free trial to make sure you have plenty of time to review the membership. But sometimes things go wrong, so if in doubt just reach out!
When can I register?
Public registration is open four times a year. Early March, Early June, Early September, and Early December. To be first to know when registration opens, join the workshop waitlist.
Do you offer scholarships?
Yes. I offer two different scholarships, both are available through a simple coupon code and neither require explanation. One is for 25% off and the second is for 50% off. They are intended for students, non-profits, unemployed, BIPOC, developing countries, and anyone who would like to join the workshop but cannot afford full registration costs.
Do you run any promotions?
I offer a 15% off coupon to anyone who joins the workshop waitlist.
What else is included?
In addition to all the recorded lessons and activities you'll find in this course, as a DiY Data Design member you'll also gain access to a few additional structured courses. Currently Includes 1. 2. 3. Report! & DataViz for Anti-Racism (COMING SOON - Canva Report Design, Adobe XD Infographics, and Designing Logic Models & Theories of Change)

"Very much enjoying our creative reporting workshop with Chris.

He has gone the extra length to help me with an annual report and gave feedback on an article I wrote. Our weekly sessions are informative and practical and helping me moving forward in my data and design journey! "

- Mareli Claassens, PhD,

Professor and Evaluator

This course is closed for enrollment.