How this Workshop is Structured

Treat this course like a self-paced workshop.

Instead of having a bunch of slides to stare at while listening to my voice, I created a workbook. Before you continue listening to the next lesson. I encourage you to print out the workbook, or at the very least, pull out a notebook and open up the pdf.  

Everything is transcribed, so if you would prefer to read instead of listening to my voice, read away. 

In general, the course is broken down into four parts.

For module one we will do a bit of business goal setting.  

Most consulting businesses fail for a simple reason, they don’t make enough money.  And underselling your value is the easiest path to burn out.  

Creating realistic goals is the foundation to building a forever business you won’t want to give up, even if your dream job becomes available.

For module two we will talk about finding your market.

Passion keeps you driven, but it’s markets that get you paid. The digital economy, new software supports, and global uncertainty has opened up opportunities for independent consulting that didn’t exist a decade ago.  

Here we’ll work through market finding strategies and help you validate your own personal business model.

For module three we’ll talk about rates and packaging.  

The goal for sustaining an independent business, don’t run out of money.  

We’ll work through creating rates that make you competitive, and creating packages that get you paid.

For module four we’ll dive into marketing.

We’ll talk about some different marketing models and why you don’t need thousands of social media followers to create a successful consulting business.

Then we’ll wrap things up by walking through some essential technical tools I recommend to any independent consultant.

In addition to the self-paced course and workshop I will offer a series of four live group coaching sessions.  These sessions will be places for participants to share their work with one another, and to ask me questions.  These sessions will be recorded, so if you can’t make it, you can always watch them later, or rewatch.

I’ll split these coaching sessions across four weeks (one for each part).  I also plan to repeat this sequence of four sessions once each quarter.

So are you ready?

In the next section you’ll find the workbook.  Download it, flip through it, and print it out if you can.  Then move on to the first set of lessons.